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>> May 2011
Funeral service was held for Tim at the Jesuit Church of the Immaculate Conception, Farm St, London.

Memorial Service was held on at First Presbyterian Church, in the city of New York New, USA.
We would like to thank all those who financed and organised and took part in this wonderful and moving service and tribute to Tim .

We had the huge honour of being presented with the Flag of the United States of America by the soldiers of 2nd Platoon Battle Company of the 503rd Regiment of the 173 Airbourne. The flag was sent by the Republican Senator John McCain.

>> July 2011
Students at Oxford University, Lady Margaret Hall, Tim's alumni, who were deeply affected by his work and constant endeavours to bring to a wider audience and raise awareness of human suffering, social injustices and conditions worldwide, honoured Tim, by forming the The Tim Hetherington Society in his memory which will seek to continue the ideals he embodied through screenings, exhibitions, and discussions in order to keep these matters in the public domain, worldwide.

>>July 2011
Exhibitions staged at Liverpool International Photography Festival and Liverpool Arabic Arts Festival .

>>August 2011
A four day War Photographers Retreat in honour of Tim was held at Cambridge, Massachusetts.The Retreat was held for war photographers who cover wars, conflict and disasters and was led by Dave Emerson of the Black Lotus Yoga Centre and Kanani Fong, a friend of Tim's. All services were given voluntarily.

>>September 2011
World Press Photo and Human Rights Watch set up a joint initiative The Tim Hetherington Award to honour and celebrate Tim's life; his use of media, methodology, his commitment to finding new ways to tell compelling stories of politics, conflict, the human experience and communicating these to a wide audience. The award of an annual grant of $20, 000 was made in November 2011 to the American photographer, Stephen Ferry, for his project Violentology: A manual of the Columbian Conflict, which was chosen by a selection committee from 222 applicants of 56 nationalities.

The Milton Margai School for the Blind Tim Hetherington Award, Sierra Leone, facilitated by Peter Penfold, former High Commissioner of Sierra Leone. “In Memory of Uncle Tim Hetherington. 1970-2011. Friend and supporter of the Milton Margai School for the Blind.” The first awards for the year 2011 presented on October 14th 2011 to Osman Kamara, a narrator and Alie Mansaray, a gifted drummer; two former pupils with whom Tim was particularly close and to whom he gave much inspiration.

A plaque honouring Tim is to be unveiled by the Hetherington family, at the Milton Margai School for the Blind in the near future.

Tim and Sebastian Junger's film “Restrepo” won 2 Emmies, at the Lincoln Centre, New York .USA, for Outstanding Continuing Coverage of a News Story and Outstanding Editing.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, California, USA made Tim a Member of the Academy. Their first member to be posthumously, inducted.

>>October 2011

Prix Bayeux Calvados for Correspondents of War presents Infidel, the exhihition of Tim's Afghanistan photography and Sleeping Solidiers short video at the annual gathering for photojournalists, radio and news reporters of conflict in Bayeux, Normandy, France. The exhibition, originally conceived by Tim with Foto8 in London, was installed by his close friends and collaborators Jon Levy and Marcus Rose.

Lucie Awards. USA. The 2011 Lucie Support Category Award for Book Publisher of the Year went to Chris Boot for the book Infidel by Tim Hetherington at the Frederick P. Rose Hall, Lincoln Centre .New York City.

Sierra Leone Excellence Awards. Celebrating 50 years of Independence. Tim Hetherington awarded Best Journalist 2011.

Grierson Trust Awards.London. Tim and Sebastian Junger's film “Restrepo” nominated for Best Cinema Documentary.

Bronx Documentary Centre. New York.
Exhibition of Tim's last photographs from Misrata, Libya, entitled “Visions”. It was chosen as the first event to open the Bronx Documentary Centre.
This was the venue we chose to show this work, in accordance with Tim's wishes to work with Mike Kamber in developing the new centre for aspiring and under privileged youth and community in the Bronx.
Mike Kamber of the New York Times, produced and curated the show and many, including ourselves, helped to prepare and decorate the Centre .Many gave generously materials, their expertise, time and support for which we are truly grateful.

Book launch of Eating Mud Crabs in Kandahar edited by Matt McAllester. Stories of Food During Wartime By Worlds Leading Correspondents. Included a story written by Tim whilst embedded with soldiers in Afghanistan entitled “Same Day Cow: Afghanistan”. Also appeared in New York Times. Matt, kindly dedicated the book to Tim.

Frontline Memorial Tribute Award Posthumously awarded to Tim Hetherington, Chris Hondros and Anton Hammerl who were all murdered in the Libya conflict 2011.

>>December 2011.
Gathering of family and friends to remember Tim's birthday at the Troubador, London.The former High Commissioner of Sierra Leone, Peter Penfold, kindly showed a film of the Scholarship Awards to the two former pupils of Milton Margai School for the Blind, Sierra Leone.
Jack Latham, a final year photography student, who Tim mentored, presented us with his beautiful book of photography entitled “Hangmans Tree” dedicated to his friend's Tim and Cerys. We were so touched and grateful to him for this gift and dedication.

>>January 2012.
Libyan Intrim Government presents a plaque to Defence Attache and Charge d Affaires Major Giles Barrett of the United Kingdom Embassy to Libya in Benghazi, honouring Tim. The plaque reads:
“A Presentation on Behalf of Libya to Tim Hetherington. In thanks and respect, we offer you this as a token of our recognition of your work which was an example of generosity in helping our 17th February Revolution. Your efforts helped us in the liberation of our country. Please accept this in thanks for your great support to Libya.”

>>February 2012
Nobel Peace Exhibition at Nobel Peace Centre, Oslo, opened entitled “24 Hours in Afghanistan“ featuring Tim Hetherington's Foto8 exhibition from his book Infidel, including Sleeping Soldiers. Due to its popularity the exhibition has been extended to September 2012.

Exhibition at Corcoran Gallery of Art. Washington DC, USA, entitled "Tim Hetherington: Sleeping Soldiers. Afghanistan. Looking through the eyes of soldiers to help us to understand their experiences." until May 2012.

Sunday Times Magazine, 50th Anniversary Exhibition.
Saatchi Gallery. Kings Rd .London.
Tim was one of the 50 artists chosen to exhibit at the show. His exhibit was entitled "Sleeping Soldiers, Afghanistan".

>>March 2012
The Armory Show. Contemporary Art Festival. New York.
Yossi Milo Gallery.
Tim Hetherington portraits.

>>April 2012
Yossi Milo Gallery. 245 Tenth Avenue New York .USA
Solo Exhibition of Tim Hetherington's work from Liberia and Afghanistan.

On behalf of Libyans, The Misurata City Council and Misurata Military Committee are generously planning a memorial event in the memory of Tim and Chris Hondros, killed on this day. Families of Chris, Tim and the injured are invited to attend with all expenses to be covered by the Misurata City Council.

>>May 2012
Journalist Memorial Ceremony, 14 May. Newseum, Washington.DC
Tim, along with other journalists who died in 2011 are to be honoured and added to the memorial.

Alaska Quarterly Review. University of Alaska .
Front line Club. London.
A tribute to Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros.
Lecture and feature.
Liberty and Justice (for All): A Global Mosaic .
Editor :Benjamin J. Spatz .

>>June 2012
Sheffield Documentary Festival/ Dogwoof announced an annual Tim Hetherington Award to honour Tims name and legacy commencing 2013.The award will be for a short documentary .Further details of the criteria will be posted by Sheffield Documentary Festival in due course.

Exhibition of Gaddafi Archives. Human Rights Watch. Curator .Susan Glen.
London University in association with LFPH

Photographs taken by Tim Hetherington at Benghazi, Libya .March/April 2011.

>>August. 2012.
The Tim Hetherington Charitable Trust has been formed. It is up and running although we are awaiting registration by the Charity Commission. Upon receipt we will let you know its structure aims and goals.

>>September 2012.
Nobel Peace Centre Exhibition . Tim Hetherington-Afghanistan . Oslo .Norway.
Judith and Alistair visited the exhibition before it closed in September and met the press. The Director Bente Erichsen said that it was their most successful exhibition to date and that they had had the largest number of visitors ever,over 250,000. They were pleased to meet us ,as sadly ,they had never met Tim.

PhotoGraphia Festival. Museum of Contemporary Art .MACRO .Rome .Italy.
Exhibition . 'This is Not an Office. Featuring Tim Hetherington
and 3 others.

Honolulu Museum of Art. Honolulu .USA.
Courage and Strength: Portrait Of Those Who Have Served.(September 2012-February 2013. Tim Hetherington.
4 artists who have created powerful images of women and men in the Services.

>>October 2012.
Vanderbilt Fine Art Gallery .Nashville.Tennessee.USA
Tim Hetherington. Book and Exhibition-Afghanistan 'Long Story Bit by Bit'. 'Liberia Retold' Images chosen by Tim prior to his death.
Umbrage Books.

>>November 2012.
Houston Centre for Photography. Houston .USA.
Exhibition Soldier: At Ease.
Tim Hetherington. Installation :Sleeping Soldiers and photography. Curator. Libbie Masterson.

Museum of Fine Art .Houston .USA.
Exhibition and book. War/Photography. Photographs of Armed Conflict and its Aftermath. War and Peace. Touring exhibition -Houston,Los Angeles,Washington and New York.

>>December 2012.
World Press Prize announced that the 2nd Tim Hetherington Grant has been awarded to Fernando Moleres . Managing Director Michael Munneke said that Moleres project embodies Tim Hetherington's spirit ,and is a testimony to his legacy.It can bring about a change and make a difference.

>>January 20th 2013.
Sundance Film Festival .Utah. USA.
Premiere of Sebastian Jungers film : Which way to the Front Line from Here:
Life and Work of Tim Hetherington.(HBO)
Sundance Film Festival Park City .Utah .USA
Exhibition of Tims photographs. Liberia and Afghanistan. Yossi Milo.(New York) Facilitated by Home Box Office.

Sierra Leone. Freetown.
Visit by Hetherington family to meet Tims friends ,memorial and unveiling of plaque at Milton Marghi School for the Blind.Facilitated by Peter Penfold. Former High Commissioner of Sierra Leone.

Book release: 'Here I Am. The story of Tim Hetherington, War Photographer'. Alan Huffman's unofficial biography.

>>February - June 2013.
Exhibition Power! Photos! Freedom! FotoMuseum Provincie Antwerpen.

>>March 2013.
Fruitlands Museum. Boston.USA.
Exhibition .Visions. Tim Hetherington
Curator Mike Kamber ( The Bronx Documentary Centre.)and Mike Volmar.

March 23rd - June 2nd 2013.
Exhibition. “War/Photography” Annenberg Space for Photography. 2000 Avenue of the Stars. Los Angeles. 190067.

>>April 2013.

Also at Annenberg Space for Photography:
Iris Night Lecture. “ Tim Hetherington: A Very Personal War”
Two years after British-American photojournalist Tim Hetherington's death while documenting the Libyan war, this lecture will explore alternative representations of conflict. Hetherington sought to shift the emphasis from the military hardware to the "software" of conflict, making war a personal matter. The discussion will explore the legacy of Hetherington's work with contributions from colleagues Stephen Mayes, Director of VII Photo in New York, Michael Kamber, conflict photographer, author and co-founder of the Bronx Documentary Center as well as award-winning writer/director Topaz Adizes who had collaborated with Hetherington on a film before his death.

April 11th - May 18th 2013.
Exhibition. Tim Hetherington. “Inner Light” Portraits of the Blind. Sierra Leone 1999-2003 at Yossi Milo Gallery, New York. April 11th - May 18th 2013.
An opening reception will be held on Thursday 11th April from 6-8pm. All welcome.

April 4th- June 2nd 2013.
Exhibition. Tim Hetherington. “Infidel”. Photography and Video. April 4th- June 2nd 2013 at WTF Gallery Bangkok. Film Screening and other activities. Visit

15th April-16th June 2013.
Exhibition. Tim Hetherington “Visions”. Arab Spring 2011. Fruitlands Museum . Harvard . Massachusetts.

April 20th.
Bronx Documentary Center Fundraiser in memory of Tim Hetherington. Bronx Documentary Center

>>May 2013.

May 17th.
One day Exhibition. Blind Sight. Portraits of the Blind, Sierra Leone
Tim Hetherington and Judith Hetherington. Tim Hetherington Trust fund raising day specifically to buy CD players, tape recorders and braille books so badly needed for the blind children at the Milton Margai School, Sierra Leone.
The Northern Tennis and Sports Club. Palatine Road, Didsbury, Manchester M20 3 YA *** 0161 445 3193 ***
May 17th 9.30am-5.30pm. Please spare 20 minutes for this worthwhile cause.